Livestreaming & Filming

Live-streaming & Filming

The Digital Dispatch provides filming and all kind of production facilities for short, long documentaries and news packages from Pakistan and Afghanistan. The company also provides Digital Live Streaming facilities via Green-Screen studio from Islamabad to various international news channels including Russia Today and A News among host of others. We have a fleet of experts and journalists available to report and analyze on major economic, political and geo strategic happenings in South Asia, Middle East & Beyond. We can serve you with hard news and in-depth news analysis  in both texts and videos formats along with all kind of filming, production and editing facilities. Headed by senior Pakistani journalist Javed Rana, The Digital Dispatch has a syndicated network of journalists to gather information, footage, host talk shows, produce news packages, short and long documentaries on issues spreading across the region from South Asia to the Middle East with particular focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Javed has at his disposal a team of experienced cameramen, editors and producers. Being journalist himself he has produced, reported thousands of live events, news packages, numerous short and long documentaries for global news outlets including Channel News Asia, hosted talk shows and conducted interviews with high profile leaders on major events of political and geo-strategic significance.

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Long Documentary: Return of Taliban

Long Documentary: Rise of Imran Khan

Short Documentary: Pakistan's Covid-19 Secondal

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