India Reaching To Tipping Point To Conduct Genocide Of Muslims


India Reaching To Tipping Point To Conduct Genocide of Muslims

The menace of Islamophobia has been alarmingly growing at an exponential rate in the world particularly in neighbouring India. Over the years, the Indian government has systematically introduced Islamophobia as a coercive tool of state policy through which the ruling BJB has came up with series of anti-Muslim major legislative measures and other highly controversial policy steps to come down hard on already marginalized Muslims. The ruling BJP has aggressively unleashed mob violence to target minorities to create compelling conditions to force them to migrate to Bangladesh and Pakistan. New Delhi’s model of atrocities and massive demographic changes in Muslim majority occupied Kashmir, has been replicated against Muslims in rest of India.

RSS, the terrorist wing of BJB, systematically use mob violence to lynch Muslims refusing to “convert back to Hinduism”. Their houses are being bulldozed every next day on the charges of joining peaceful protests over unabated violence against them. They are publicly being threatened to either face mob violence or migrate to Pakistan.

RSS, under official patronage has armed and recruited an estimated six million activists as volunteers to create hostile conditions to force 200 million Muslims to convert back to Hinduism. Modelling German Nazi’s pattern of genocide and Spain’s ethnic cleansing policy, RSS  has vowed to annex all neighbouring countries including Pakistan and force their citizens to revert to their so-called original religion. Fast unfolding organized pattern of violence and demographic changes have led experts to conclude that the genocide of Muslim is next thing to happen in India


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  1. If pak God forbid weekend, UAE , kuait and other gulf nations will collapse before that . It is time for gulf nations to support and strengthen pak as it serves as a front line defense for them , China and Indian Muslims KSA must play a role and understand this . India will never show any mercy to all these nations when it does not show its own Muslim citizens . This is time to wake up and make pak very strong , support it economically and by all possible means

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