Twists & Turns of US, IMF’s Political Agenda on Pakistan


Twists & Turns of US, IMF's Political Agenda on Pakistan

Javed Rana, Journalist & expert on political and geo-strategic issues drills down the US’s political agenda through IMF agenda against Pakistan !


One thought on “Twists & Turns of US, IMF’s Political Agenda on Pakistan

  1. The American and EU policy through IMF to influence future elections after strangulation of pak economy will definitely weaken the liberal pak establishment and IK who is comparably a modern liberal Muslim compared to Other religious or Muslim oriented politicians . The Islamic JUI has defeated PTI in KPK bears me out and testifies my point of views . The pro islam parties are emerging strong both in Pak and Afghanistan who represent an ideology contrary to ruling establishment in pak . The people in pak have started believing that libera politicians are corrupt and an absolute failure and in search of an alternative may be even talibanisation

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