EU’s Islamophobic Gamble on Pakistan


EU's Islamophobic Gamble on Pakistan

Pakistan’s relations with European Union have soured after European Parliament called for reviewing a trade deal which provides additional trade benefits to Pakistan. At the heart of tension are rising anti-French sentiments and growing public demand to expel French ambassador from Pakistan over repeated incidents of blasphemy committed against Muslim Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in France.
The European Parliament has decided to review with Pakistan a trade agreement known as Generalized System of Preferential -Plus or GPS Plus over what it calls a rising anti-French sentiments and mistreatment of minorities under blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Under this trade deal Islamabad gets an estimated annual additional 1.5 billion US dollar trade benefits which are far less than the economic losses Pakistan suffers almost every year because of mass unrest linked with Islamophobia in France.


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