Political Movement Launched to Revive Ottoman Empire


Political Movement to Revive Ottoman Empire Launched in Pakistan

A parallel political force is emerging in Pakistan, the scale and strength of which goes unnoticed. Ignored as fringed elements hitherto, now it begins to take the center stage at the political landscapes of Pakistan. And that political force is the deadly combination of university students and supporters of (Tehreek Labaik Pakistan) late Khadim Hussain Rizvi whose recent funeral attracted millions of people in Lahore. Now an organization of university students have launched country-wide movement to revive Ottoman Empire. Almost a century ago, a similar movement was launched in the then united India to unsuccessfully salvage the Ottoman Empire/Islamic Caliphate from being dismembered which was the then symbol of unity among Muslims across the world. Here are graphic details about scale and scope of the movement in the context of rising anti-French public resentment over blasphemy of last Prophet of Islam (pbuh). And impact of historical Turkish drama on society glorifying the golden era of Muslims being once super power in the world.


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